Ramp Up Your Sales with Better Analytics

Posted in: on September 30, 2015

When evaluating sales performance, managers must think beyond the basic analysis of spreadsheets and understand the data and nuances behind the numbers. A lot of emphasis is placed on the bottom line performance—and rightfully so. But what if our assumptions about the variables impacting the bottom line are wrong? As we remain in an environment well below $8 corn for the foreseeable future, it will…

Water Pressure: Access to Water Resources Intensifies for Agriculture

Posted in: Biofuels & Alternative Crops, Innovation, Precision Ag, Trends & Perspective on July 8, 2015

Mother Nature and agriculture have an ongoing love-hate relationship when it comes to water—there’s never the right amount at the right time or place you need it. But the real crisis is happening underground as we face a shortage in our underground water reserves, and that’s a problem not even Mother Nature can fix.

Getting On the Same Page with Your Precision Ag Customers

Posted in: Lessons Learned, Market Research, Marketing 101, Precision Ag, Sales Strategy, Trends & Perspective on April 28, 2015

If you have a precision ag system to sell, the way you should be positioning it to farmers is changing. Farmers are business owners evaluating costs and income, so suppliers must consider this in their approach. Traditional marketing or rebate programs can be a crutch limiting companies from reaching customers in a meaningful way.

Propel Your Segmentation Strategy with Marksman-level Accuracy

Posted in: Customer Segmentation, Market Research, Marketing 101, Sales Strategy, Trends & Perspective on April 28, 2015

We’re frequently asked about the basics of marketing; in particular, customer segmentation, customer targeting and product positioning. The first of these — customer segmentation — is an important aspect of marketing for our clients and the readers of our newsletter due to several factors. Customer segmentation, along with proper targeting and product positioning, can mean the difference between…

Four Ways War Gaming Can Help Your Business

Posted in: Innovation, Lessons Learned, Market Research, Marketing 101, Sales Strategy, Supply Chain & Logistics, Trends & Perspective on February 26, 2015

For centuries, military leaders have used the practice of war gaming to simulate real wartime scenarios and prepare their troops for battle. The exercise helped them think like their enemy—testing their strategic moves and anticipating counter attacks. War gaming can also be a powerful tool for businesses as they prepare for their own battles—whether that’s a new product launch, a changing marketplace…

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