Relationships Still Matter

Posted in: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Segmentation, Innovation, Lessons Learned, Sales Strategy, Trends & Perspective on May 14, 2019

Technology makes it possible to almost never have direct, in-real-life contact with customers. But at what expense? How does the reliance on digital communication affect the relationships between product and service providers and their customers? Call me “old school,” but I believe direct contact is—and always will be—an essential component to any business relationship.

A Different Take on Due Diligence

Posted in: Innovation, Lessons Learned, Market Research, Sales Strategy, Trends & Perspective on May 14, 2019

We all know most mergers and acquisitions don’t succeed. How often is it because there were completely avoidable issues brewing just beneath the surface? Despite looking fail-proof according to the numbers, those numbers don’t tell the whole story. And sometimes those missing pieces have devastating consequences. The unfortunate truth is that most often the unforeseen circumstances could have been…

Opportunity Knocking on the Greenhouse Door

Posted in: on February 25, 2019

Our preference as consumers for farm fresh produce to be readily available, no matter the time of year, is a demand that's increasingly being fulfilled by the indoor farming market. These operations seem to be popping up in regions throughout North America and show signs of continued expansion in the years to come. What is fueling this growth? And how should agribusinesses respond and support them?

Tracing Grain

Posted in: Innovation, Lessons Learned, Supply Chain & Logistics, Trends & Perspective on December 5, 2018

Traceability is a front-burner issue for all links along the chain due to regulatory mandates, technology advancements, and consumer pressures to know where food comes from—society is requiring it and technology is making it more possible to achieve. But questions remain—can row crops have the same level of tracking detail as produce, and is it even worth it to invest the capital? And who would…

Avoiding the Devastating Blows of Staff Turnover

Posted in: Lessons Learned, Trends & Perspective on December 5, 2018

What’s even harder than hiring great talent? Keeping them once you have them. Workers today don’t want to be just another ID number. They want to be engaged, appreciated and have meaningful work that contributes to the bottom line. But keeping them engaged is especially difficult given the rate at which ag companies are undergoing major change. Is the employee experience a priority at your organization?

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