How War Gaming Can Help Your Business

Posted in: Customer Segmentation on April 13, 2020

For centuries, military leaders have used the practice of war gaming to simulate real wartime scenarios and prepare their troops for battle. The exercise helped them think like their enemy—testing their strategic moves and anticipating counter attacks. War gaming can also be a powerful tool for businesses as they prepare for their own battles.

Is Farming Becoming a Lonely Occupation?

Posted in: Lessons Learned, Trends & Perspective on March 16, 2020

If farming was easy, then everyone would do it. Regulations, volatile prices, unpredictable weather, public/activist pressure—running a profitable business against so many headwinds while also sustaining a family legacy carries a heavy emotional toll. For a line of work that’s traditionally powered by authentic, solid, local relationships, those human connections are showing signs of weakness that…

Overcoming Knowledge Deficits in the Ag Workforce

Posted in: Sales Strategy, Trends & Perspective on December 10, 2019

Companies are finding new talent is less ready-to-go out of the gate than they used to be. Young people fresh out of school show great promise, but generally speaking they’re lacking that “homegrown in ag” advantage that lets them hit the ground running as soon as they land. Is it our responsibility as an industry to close those knowledge gaps? If we want to see agriculture continue to advance…

Zipper Merges and Avoiding Culture Clashes

Posted in: Lessons Learned, Trends & Perspective on December 10, 2019

Bad things happen when cultures don’t blend well—whether that’s due to a merger, acquisition, expansion through vertical integration, or even just changing demographics within the company, all of these scenarios are active in the ag industry today. And just because everything looks great on paper doesn't mean it really is—the human element is often overlooked. With people come emotions and…

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