The Reality of Fantasy

Posted in: Lessons Learned, Marketing 101, Trends & Perspective on June 25, 2012

Online gaming entrepreneurs are achieving success by delivering what their audience wants, without regard to how their products mesh with "reality." It may sound crazy, but the operating principles they're using can be applied to the real world if we open our minds to the possibilities they hold.

We Need a Hero

Posted in: Supply Chain & Logistics, Trends & Perspective on June 25, 2012

Putting together a distribution system that works to maximize value takes time, effort and a long-term plan. Sounds like a pretty obvious concept, doesn't it? Yet, most companies still design their distribution systems on an as-needed basis and continue to modify them over time with no real long-term plan. The result? Systems that don't really service anyone in the value chain, let alone the customers.

Cashing in on Customer Differentiation

Posted in: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Segmentation, Marketing 101, Sales Strategy on June 25, 2012

We all know the ag market is going through lots of changes. One of the biggest of these is in our customer base--it's more diversified than ever before. When it comes to driving sales through changing market conditions, much can be learned from retailers; and that leads to some important questions for ag marketers to consider: Have you changed your marketing mix to address this new customer diversification?…

Winning the Budget Game

Posted in: Sales Strategy on June 24, 2012

Most businesses base individual compensation based on performance relative to budget with big bonuses tied to making the budget. But, this system can limit long-term growth and create opportunities to "game" the numbers.

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