Entira Multi-Client Study to Follow Top-Tier Specialty Farmers for the 2012-13 Growing Season

GERMANTOWN, Tenn., August 29, 2012 — Farmers in the western U.S. have repeatedly adapted to changing business conditions and successfully used technology and new management practices to increase the productivity and overall value of the specialty crops they grow.  However, the diversity of crops, marketing practices, cultural techniques, and agronomic concerns have posted a significant challenge to traditional market research in the western market.

Entira, a marketing and management consulting firm for food and agribusiness, is launching a unique new multi-client study that takes a new approach to understanding how western U.S. growers of commercial specialty crops make decisions throughout the growing season.

“A Year in the Life of a Western Farm” will use in-depth qualitative interviews and a series of quantitative surveys to follow a group of top-tier specialty growers in California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington throughout the entire 2012-2013 growing season. 

“There is a wealth of information available to marketers who can look at both the decisions growers are making and what is influencing those decisions at key points during the growing season,” said Karol Aure-Flynn, senior associate at Entira.  “This study turns traditional market research on its head by focusing on how decisions are made, not relying solely on demographics or agronomic data.”

The multi-client study approach allows companies to get the answers they need to move their business forward at a fraction of the cost by jointly funding the research.  Companies can then focus limited resources on implementing strategies that capitalize on findings of the study.

Participating companies who purchase the study by October 1, 2012, will be able to participate in a kick-off conference to collaborate on the study design.  During the conference, subscribers can voice their companies’ specific needs, and work with other subscribers to shape the study content. At the completion of the study in Fall 2013, participants will receive a final written report and can attend a one-day conference for a final presentation of the findings. 

A prospectus with full details is available.  Contact Karol Aure Flynn at 661-330-3238 or kaureflynn@entira.net for more information.

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