Entira Multi-Client Study to Examine how Technology Changes Influence Farmers’ Decision Making

GERMANTOWN, Tenn., September 12, 2012 —  Adoption rates for precision agriculture equipment and technologies continue to soar, and farmers are using these new tools to change how they approach decisions for their operations.  Entira, a marketing and management consulting firm for food and agribusiness, is conducting a new multi-client study to examine how these technologies can provide opportunities and challenges for today’s agribusinesses.

The new study “U.S. Precision Agriculture Maturing Strategic Imperatives in an Era of Pervasive Connectivity,” will track adoption and perception of precision agriculture, as well as delve deeper into key findings uncovered in earlier research programs.

The research will include qualitative interviews with producers and leading influencers, such as industry experts and downstream channel partners. Producer interviews will include leading row crop farmers and fruit and vegetable growers across the country. These interviews, along with input from study subscribers, will determine categories and questions for a larger quantitative survey of producers.

The “At a Crossroads:  Understanding Precision Agriculture’s Pivotal Role for the Ag Value Chain 2015-2020” report conducted by Entira in 2010 gave subscribers unique insights on what is driving farmers’ decisions on precision agriculture, and how technologies are changing how they farm.  This report will serve as the foundation for the new multi-client study.

The multi-client study approach allows companies the opportunity to get the answers they need to move their business forward at a fraction of the typical costs by jointly funding the research. Companies can then invest budgets in building strategic plans to address opportunities highlighted by research findings.

Companies who purchase the study by October 1, 2012, will be able to participate in the kick-off conference that will design the study. During the conference, subscribers can voice the specific needs of their companies, and work with other subscribers to shape the study content. At the completion of the study,  participants will receive a final written report and can attend a one-day conference for a final presentation of the findings.

A prospectus with full details is available at www.entira.net. Contact Karol Aure Flynn (661.330.3238)  for more information.

Entira is a marketing and management consulting firm for food and agribusiness. More information is available at www.entira.net.