Analyzing Market Value Potential

What’s more valuable—knowing the sales of your retail locations or customers over the last year, or knowing the share of market those locations are capturing today so you know what growth potential you have in the future?

Historical sales data is important, but it only tells part of the story. What if you could see how much value, by crop, is available to each location, and how much of that value the locations capture? More importantly, what if you could see where your retail locations overlap one another and where you have gaps in your service coverage?

Entira’s new Enspire™ analytics platform is allowing us to show clients more transparency into their markets than they’ve ever seen—a true story of the market value potential for each area they serve. 

A Holistic View of Your Market, From the Ground Up

Enspire pulls granular-level data on total acres by crop, inputs sold, personnel and physical assets, and other variables, then layers that data together to show a meaningful picture of the total potential for a market.

And once we discover the real value potential of a market, the strategic possibilities are endless. With Enspire, we can help clients:

  • Measure individual sales performance more accurately and recommend strategies to optimize your sales organization
  • Align personnel and physical assets around areas with high value potential and adjust resources in areas with low potential
  • Determine the locations and/or geographies with the highest likelihood of success 
  • Uncover where competitive service overlaps exist
  • Identify and qualify merger/acquisition opportunities 

Digging Deeper

Entira was built from the idea that in-depth, efficient research is the best foundation for a solid strategy. We dig deeper than anyone else to learn as much as possible about your business and the markets you serve—it’s the core of our Discovery process, and Enspire is another way we can get that done for you. 

Enspire provides a great starting point for Entira to guide clients strategically through allocating resources in the smartest way possible. Looking at value potential adds a completely new dimension to market analysis, allowing us to see a more comprehensive story of the market as opposed to what’s only visible from the outside.

Sales figures matter, but looking at markets in this new way gives a completely different view and is the best way to unequivocally measure individual performance—and more importantly, potential.

You can read more about Enspire in a recent article we published or in this information sheet. Please contact Mike Karst directly for more information about how Entira can help you learn more about your market value potential with Enspire.