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Entira periodically organizes multi-client studies on topics of broad and enduring industry interest. Sponsors receive information worth hundreds of thousands of dollars at a fraction of the cost. Before each study begins, sponsors have an opportunity to tailor the study to their special interests.

Please review the catalog of current studies and  contact us if you would like more information on purchasing any of the studies.


Challenge 2020:  New Expectations and Issues Facing U.S. Tree and Vine Growers

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A fundamental shift is underway in how U.S. horticultural crop producers — specifically tree and vine growers — make decisions about the products and management practices on their farms.  More than ever before, outside pressures are driving how these crops are grown and marketed.  This multi-client study will provide marketers a deep-dive into what is driving today's grower.  Going beyond standard marketing demographics and segmentation studies, it will go direct to leading growers to learn what has changed in their operations and what role suppliers can play in building a successful future.

New Promise and Expanding Opportunities: U.S. Grain Sorghum Production

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A number of factors have combined to make grain sorghum an increasingly attractive option for growers and end-users in regions of the country that haven't seen widespread sorghum acres in generations.  Demand is growing for sorghum as a locally-produced livestock feed source, an option in rotations to combat herbicide resistant weeds, a feedstock for ethanol production, and as a heat and drought tolerant cropping alternative.  This new multi-client study will provide an overview of U.S. grain sorghum production, including a comprehensive benchmark of production practices, grower decision making and expectations of suppliers and service providers.

Soybean Herbicide Traits:  What Will Growers Need in a Complex Marketplace?

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As weed resistance issues require some soybean growers to return to herbicide strategies not used since the 1990s, several companies are in the final stages of product development and regulatory reviews for additional traits — either stacked traits with the glyphosate tolerant production system, or alternatives to that system.  These additional technologies will give growers new options for managing weeds and boosting productivity, but will also add several layers of complexity for growers and agribusinesses.  This multi-client study is designed to provide the insights needed by retailers, distributors, and seed companies as they prepare for a new generation of technologies in soybean production.


Completed Studies

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