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Entira periodically organizes multi-client studies on topics of broad and enduring industry interest. Sponsors receive information worth hundreds of thousands of dollars at a fraction of the cost. Before each study begins, sponsors have an opportunity to tailor the study to their special interests.

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A New Day for Dairy: Milking it at Mega Dairies

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After enduring a long stretch of hard times from drought, volatile milk prices, and skyrocketing feed costs, the U.S. dairy industry today is poised for a comeback. Many dairy operations are having a long-overdue good year boosted by record milk prices and lower feed costs. On top of that, new government subsidies from the 2014 Farm Bill offer better margin protection, supporting an even more optimistic outlook for the future. Will the renewed confidence brought on by today’s environment change how dairies make decisions for the long term? Could dairy managers be ready to step up the pace and make some aggressive expansion plans? This multi-client study seeks to uncover answers to those questions and more.


Precision Agriculture and Big Data: Charting the Oceans of Opportunity

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As adoption of precision technologies soars, so does the challenge of managing the overwhelming mountains of data these high tech tools can provide. Whether it’s in a grower’s field or a retailer’s office, precision ag and data management service providers are as familiar a fixture as seed and chemical reps. Big data is becoming an important focal point of businesses throughout the ag sector for long-time leading players and startups alike. Who are the key players in precision ag? If you’re one of them, what’s your position in the marketplace, how are you perceived, and what does your competition look like?  This multi-client study will examine the leaders, influencers, alignments and market potential of precision agriculture advancements.


Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture: A First Look at How New Advancements Could Deliver Value to Farmers

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Unmanned aerial system (UAS) technologies are some of the most intriguing tools for today’s progressive farmer. They promise to drive efficiency by giving farmers more and better data faster to improve decision making. In a matter of minutes, unmanned systems can capture images and collect data on field conditions — data that would take hours and even days to gather by walking through a field.  Growers and agribusiness companies are wondering whether now is the time to integrate UAS into their business plans. Some are going all in; others are steering completely clear — at least for the time being. This new multi-client study to examine the rapidly developing UAS market and explore grower perspectives from key production regions.


Completed Studies

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