How Biofuel Co-Product Streams Will Redefine the Future of Ag Markets

Much attention has been paid to the rapid growth of biofuel production and capacity. But what about the effect of co-products? Co-products from biofuel production will have a major impact on feed manufacturers, feed consumers, seed producers and biofuels facilities in the next decade. For example, in the next four years, the amount of soybean meal produced as a byproduct of biodiesel is projected to be more than 40% of last year's total US domestic use. What effect will this have on price, demand and profitability? The magnitude of change is even greater with ethanol. How will rations change as a result of co-product changes? What additional needs and market opportunities will this create? This study is designed to answer these questions and many more based on research with livestock feeders, biofuel producers and industry experts.

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