Anjuli Skirvin brings strong experience in creating market strategy, nurturing client relationships and  business development for agribusinesses. Before joining Entira, she held roles as a business analyst and business development associate for a consulting firm. She collaborated with clients in project management, critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills. Anjuli has partnered with several large agriculture manufacturing organizations focusing on research, analysis and new strategy development.

Anjuli worked with commercial and nonprofit organizations in several roles, including positions with the Agricultural Policy department of the American Farm Bureau Federation and with Elanco Animal Health’s Food Industry and Consumer Affairs team. In addition, Anjuli brings experience as a competing member of the Michigan State Livestock Judging Team, as well as president of the Collegiate Farm Bureau.

Anjuli graduated with a dual degree from Michigan State University in Animal Science and Agribusiness Management. She grew up on a small farm in Western Michigan and currently lives in the Indianapolis area.