Entira grew out of the belief that it is essential to understand the entire picture to build and implement the most effective solutions to today's challenges in food and agribusiness. No other company will dig as deep as Entira to discover your true needs and potential. We'll combine unbiased, comprehensive, 360-degree research and thoughtful, expert interpretation to find your unique value proposition.

But we don’t stop there. We use that insight to design strategies and solutions for carving your niche, building core competencies and growing your business. And we stick with you through execution to make sure the solution works.

Here are a few examples:

Gaining Surprising New Insights

We recently completed a segmentation study in the dairy industry that turns the standard thinking on its head. Rather than categorizing dairy producers by geography or herd size, it is more meaningful to group them based on how they approach technology and quality control in their operations. The bottom line is, progressive dairy farmers come in all shapes, sizes and geographic areas. In this study, Entira associates personally interviewed producers responsible for 24 percent of the cows from the country's largest operations. 

Bringing Decisions Makers Together

To help a client better understand the market potential and end-user expectations for its product, Entira coordinated a two-day meeting of decision makers representing more than 50 percent of the U.S. poultry production market and 40 percent of the U.S. pork production market by volume. This meeting uncovered a wide range of unmet needs and opened the lines of communication between livestock producers and crop producers resulting in ongoing dialogues to improve the quality and quantity of crops being grown for livestock feed.

Going to the Source for Insightful Interviews

From coffee shops to kitchen tables and tractor cabs to milking parlors, when Entira says we'll talk to farmers, we mean we'll really talk to farmers. That means going where they go—where we can learn the most and see firsthand how products will be used or decisions will be made. These face-to-face qualitative interviews are the foundation of any research program. We approach quantitative research the same way: Quantitative phone interviews are conducted by professionals who understand and are passionate about farming and agriculture. 

Boosting Sales through Smart Segmentation

One client’s sales to California specialty crop growers increased 15 to 20 percent over four consecutive years after Entira completed a comprehensive segmentation analysis on their behalf. The segmentation project led to a customer targeting program that refocused selling efforts toward the highest potential customers resulting in higher sales and customer satisfaction in all levels of the value chain.

Providing Management and Execution to Deliver Results

A crop inputs supplier earned 7 market share points away from a leading global competitor while Entira served as the company's outsourced marketing department. The Entira team developed tools to target large growers, implemented sales force effectiveness tools and developed distribution and retail strategies and tactics to maximize market share penetration.

Using Expertise to Boost Start-Up Success

Entira is uniquely qualified to help start-up companies get off the ground with solid business plans and targeted marketing programs. We've assisted start-up companies as they've secured investment funding and secured technology licenses with global distribution partners. In fact, one of our founding partners is on sabbatical as the chief executive officer for a start-up company she guided through the process of raising $11 million in investor funding. 

Going Beyond the Biofuels Hype 

For the past decade, countless new crops or business ventures have come and gone as the new "darling" of the renewable energy marketplace. There are some great opportunities out there, but the trick is finding the right crop that fits the right acres and meets the financial and agronomic needs of both farmers and end-users.  Entira knows the importance of doing your homework before going to market so you can be confident your solution is practical. How do we do it? We ask the right questions of the right people. For several clients, we've conducted more than 250 in-person interviews with farmers, logistics providers, processors, and other opinion leaders to uncover the preferences, obstacles and opportunities related to second generation feedstocks.